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Introduction to Ministers And Church Workers Training / Certificate (MWT)


Welcome to Camp of God Bible Institute Ministers and Church Workers Training. I am using this medium to appreciate your prayer, Love, commitment, and passion for the work of God in your church. Honestly, your faithfulness and believing in the vision and dream of the leadership of your local assembly and that of Camp of God Bible Institute to advance God’s kingdom and make the job easy. Thanks, you very much for your support.

Christians in every generation are called to serve and lead in every area of life. Imitating Jesus Christ is the goal of each believer. The methods that Jesus used to train and equip His followers two thousand years ago are still the ones that are effective for the twenty first Century Christian Church. The challenges that Jesus faced in training his original twelve disciples are remarkably similar to the challenges Christian leaders face today to be trained or train their followers.

Rev. Bill Huller captures the dilemma of the contemporary spiritual leader today in developing leaders to pass on the truths of Jesus Christ to faithful people:

God has called, and you have answered. But now you are thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” And that is why you are here. As a minister, Pastor, or mission’s leader, Camp of God Bible Institute wants you and your team to have the best possible experience on the mission field. We also want you to be prepared to lead and guide your follower through this experience. Throughout these sessions, we will explore:

  • What it means to be a good leader
  • How you can best prepare your team for the experience, and help this experience be transformative in their spiritual journey
  • Communicating effectively with missionaries, pastors and field personnel before, during and after your experience.
  • Staying flexible and keeping your team safe, healthy and secure
  • Bringing the stories home, letting God call others through your story to their own mission experience

We will tell stories, invite you to respond to and wrestle with questions, interact with each other and problem-solve through case studies from the mission field. You will also have the opportunity to know more about faith and doctrine of other Christian denomination, and at the end of this journey, you will have the tools you need to lead a team on mission.

President John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. “Simply by your presence here, you are showing that you take this call to mission team leadership seriously. Sharing God’s love

The humility with which you approach this meaningful work is a trait to be recognized and kept. Ken Blanchard writes, “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” Humbling yourself before God in light of this call is witness to your trust being placed in God.

May God be “the lamp to your feet and the light for your path” as you shine God’s light for others to see.

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